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Before initial use, wash cups in mild soap and water and wipe dry.

To create negative pressure, squeeze the cup or press on top of cup with your thumbs while your index and middle fingers hold the rim of the cup. While pressing, apply the cup to skin and let go. When top of cup is de-pressed, negative pressure forms and suction is created.

The suction strength depends on how much air is let out of the cup before applying on skin. More suction should be used in adults and in points of the body that are muscular, less on children and on points that do not have much muscle, ex. face.

Always make sure that the area is well oiled and check with your patient if the suction feels comfortable, or if it needs adjusting.

You may start off with lighter suction and end with much more suction strength. 


Acucups® are great for deep tissue massage; they have a sedative effect and will leave your patient extremely relaxed. The cups will increase blood circulation leaving the skin with a smooth look and healthy glow.

Acucups® gently lift the tissue, boosting circulation and detoxifying the soft tissue, which results in:

De-stagnation: soft tissue becomes mobilized. This movement exercises connective tissue, fascia and muscles. The negative pressure also disrupts fat cells, an action which leads to an inflammatory response that metabolizes the fat in the area being treated.

Fluid balance: soft tissue decompression promotes fluid balance. When fluids equalize, swelling is reduced as well as the discomfort that often accompanies it. This process significantly shortens injury recovery time.

Sports Massage

During Acucups® cupping massage, tension is released. When muscles relax, the body releases endorphins and creates a relaxing warmness throughout. Lactic acid is removed by the suctioning action and helps the muscles get the oxygen needed to maintain their health. Cupping massage will also help stretch out the muscles to release tension that has built up in that area and restore flexibility which will help guard against future injury.

Athletes worldwide are turning to cupping massage to give their body the necessary care after training, competitions, and games.

Spa Essentials

Acucups® cupping massage has also gained popularity in the beauty industry. Because of their great drawing strength, they have been shown to activate the skin, clear stretch marks, smooth out cellulite and improve varicose veins.

Facial Cupping Massage

Great for firming skin and decreasing wrinkles.

Also used to drain sinuses and prevent recurring sinus infections.

Meridian Points

Acucups® can be placed on the meridian points as described in the chart enclosed with each set and should be applied on all points, symmetrically on both sides of body.

Always communicate with your patient to verify that the suction force feels comfortable.

To remove Acucups®, press on the skin by the edge of the cup and let air in. Acucups® can be used every other day, for 15 - 20 minutes. Each treatment should consist of 10 sessions.

Cupping marks should not appear unless Acucups® are left on stationary for a prolonged time.

                           Advise patient to hydrate after a cupping massage session.

Contraindications for cupping include: areas of skin that are inflamed; cases of high fever, convulsions or cramping, or easy bleeding (i.e., pathological level of low platelets); or the abdominal area or lower back during pregnancy.

Acucups® should not be applied on spine, shoulder blade, stomach or heart area on individuals that are very slender (including children).


As some results may be instant, please always consult with your physician before discontinuing any medication.

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